Chargement en cours...


Of course.

The european laws approve the debt collection companies and define different rules which vary from country to country.  For instance, in Belgium, we have to be registred with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and in France with the High Court, so do INTERNATIONAL RECOVER COMPANY®.

The debt collection company will take away the stress of unpaid bills. Thanks to them you will win serious time to manage with your core business.

Companies do not always realize the impact of the total amount or number of the unpaid bills on the cash of the company.

The debt collection company also helps you to sort the customers the do not pay their bills and so define where it is necessar to initiate legal proceedings.

INTERNATIONAL RECOVER COMPANY ®  follows each unpaid bill and finds solutions to help you recover your owned.

Thanks to our debt collection service you do not have to be after your unpaid bills !

There is no need to multiply the reminders. Only one is enough to inform your customer of the follow-up in case of unpayment and to have a fair idea of his intentions.

Yes. Sometimes we hesitate to dare for our money back. But if you do not sue your debtors, they will tell it to others. And, months after months, years after years, you will have more and more unpaid bills.
React as soon as possible. You will gain time and renown.