Chargement en cours...


When you receive a document from INTERNATIONAL RECOVER COMPANY ® attesting a delay of payment, you have to pay as soon as possible. You received a service or a product was sold to you.. It is normal that the company tries to recover the due. If you don't pay your bills directly you risk to have more and more debts and so more and more problems.

In case of financial difficulties, please contact the legal department in order to find the best solution for all parts.

A delay of payment can make your life a misery.. Let us help you to find a solution with you !


INTERNATIONAL RECOVER COMPANY® respects the Law. It is very important for us.
The SMS that we send are totally free of charge for the debtors. It is a free service that we offer in order not to increase the costs for then.

Yes. The costs are always in accordance with the european laws and the general conditions of payment of our customers.
Your delay of payment caused costs to our customer. So you also have to pay the extra costs.

Our legal departments are situated in different countries in Europe.

You can join us:

- by mail: lietuva(@)

- by our online contact form

- by phone: +32 4 234 15 00 (monday to friday form 1 pm to 4 pm)

- by SMS: +32 491 560 777


Our multilingual teams will help you to find the best solution to your unpaid bill.

No. In order to protect the debtor's privacy, we NEVER send emails to debtors. For the same reason, we only answer to emails by phone, letter or sms.