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the 4 steps of an effective contentious flow


Here are the 4 steps of an effective contentious flow:

1- An invoice drafted correctly and sent in due time

Starting from the beginning of your activity, think about invoicing because of the fact that invoicing means money are going to come into the company. In many sectors of activity, you can issue one or more invoices in advance. These invoices will allow you to cover in due time your expenses. Do not give up on this! Your invoices must be correctly drafted, should contain your legal details, the number of the invoice and the date of invoicing. It is important for you to include on the invoice your bank details and the due date. Finally, as nobody knows what the future might bring, you should indicate on the invoice the general payment conditions (preferably the ones indicated on the estimate).


2- Notification at the invoice due date

It is good to issue an invoice. It is even better to track the payment of your invoices If you indicated a due date on your invoices, observe it yourself! Your invoice is not paid at the indicated due date, send a notification by mail. The notification emails are directly transferred in spam or in the recycle bin. However, it is not necessary to waste money for sending the notification by registered mail  or to waste your precious time in order to call clients. Your notification should be polite, but direct. It might be about an omission or an error regarding destination. Resume in the notification the invoicing data and your bank details. You could add the mailing expenses, but mainly, you should remind the general conditions for payment and you should warn the client with respect of the consequences in case of failing to pay.


3- Out of court debt collection

You notification was not successful? Do not wait anymore, transfer the unpaid invoice directly to a third party specialised in recovery of debts. You shall be relieved from this burden and you shall maintain the commercial relationship with your clients. Select a debt recovery company, for example. This profession is regulated. After submitting the legal summon, the recovery companies shall undertake all legal amiable proceedings in order to recover the amounts: submission of notifications, SMSs, phone calls, or even going directly to your client in order to find the best solution for both parties.  


4- Legal proceeding

If it is impossible to get to an amiable solution with your client, the debt recovery company shall advise you with respect to a potential legal proceeding.  A lawyer, by means of an officer of the court, shall summon you client to court, and a conviction shall allow you to keep a right of 10 years to execute the ruling. The enforcement shall be performed exclusively by means of the officer of the court, who shall enforce sequestration and shall sell the commodities of your client until the amount owed to you shall be recovered and also the general expenses shall be added.    

INTERNATIONAL RECOVER COMPANY® provides consultancy services during the entire contentious flow, for drafting the general payment conditions, for the invoices issued and the notifications of the due date related to these invoices, for the amiable recovery of the unpaid invoices as well as for the legal procedure. Make your life easier! Contact us and collect your invoiced amounts!