How to manage your business Finances?


Good financial management is necessary for the sustainability of your business. Here are some tips to help you.


6 debt collection myths


Here are 6 debt collection myths and the truth about them.


4 ways to improve your cash flow with predictive analytics


Corporate finance managers often use predictive analytics. Debt reecovery is no exception to the rule.


How to maintain a good customer relationship while claiming payment of your invoices ?


What can you do when faced with the difficult situation of choosing between maintaining the customer relationship and getting an invoice paid?


5 financial management tips for VSE/SME managers


Financial management can be a challenge for a manager of a VSE or SME. Here are five helpful money management tips for your small business.


The step-by-step guide to debt recovery


It is not always easy to know what steps to follow to obtain the payment due, under the best conditions. You can find here the recommended steps for collecting your invoices.


How not collecting your debts affects your business


Here are some problems that not collecting debt may cause for your business.


5 tips to help you choose a debt collection company


If your customers don't pay you on time, you risk cash flow problems. But how do you choose the collection company that will best suit your business needs and values?


What is business risk?


Companies face a variety of business risks that can threaten their ability to achieve their goals if these risks are not monitored and navigated properly. Business risks include everything from financial and reputational risks to compliance and cybersecurity risks.


Why is it important to be paid on time?.


Every business needs cash to stay afloat and grow. Therefore, we must not neglect the impact of late payments and put in place adequate processes.


How to avoid bad debts?


Every company faces one day or another late payments, even bad debts. When everything has been attempted to recover the amount due but the debt remains unpaid, it must be considered uncollectible. How not to come to this?


The right time to entrust your unpaid bills to a collection company


Deciding when and if to outsource your debt collection to an agency is one of the most important cash management decisions your finance department will make. But how do you know when to take the step?
Here are some warning signs that it might be time to take your debts to a collection company.


5 things you shouldn't do during a recession


A recession can be a stressful time. It's important to keep your long-term goals in mind. We have listed some financial risks you should avoid taking during an economic downturn.


5 strategies to improve your cash flow


Money is the fuel that moves any type of business be it small or large. For your business to have plenty of fuel customer debt should be kept to a minimum so here are some tips meant to keep you tank topped and your strategy running as planned.


5 reasons why you should entrust the collection of your invoices to a debt collection professional


Debt collection can be a very stressful task and many businesses simply lack the expertise, time and skills to effectively recover debt. As a professional debt collection company since 1993 we give you 5 benefits of outsourcing your collection efforts.


Paramedics are often the first to intervene.


However, they are regularly the last to be paid ...

How we handle your files


In this video, we 'll analyze the flow of unpaid invoices and explain to you what we'll do with your files.

What to do with unpaid bills and how to forward them?


In this new video we'll try to answer this question that any business manager asks himself at one point: I have unpaid bills. How do I send them to experts in the field?


How to write reminders?


In our previous video, we tried to answer to the question that any contractor asks himself at a certain point:
Why, how and how many billing reminders should be provided?

In this video, we'll give you you some tips on the content of the reminder.


When, how and how many reminders do you have to send?


In this video, we’ll try to answer to the question that any contractor asks himself at a certain point:

Why, how and how many billing reminders should be provided?


Invoice editing, an essential step for your payments


In the previous video, we shared the importance of having good general terms and conditions of payment on your invoices.

In this video, we'll talk to you about editing the invoice, an essential step for your payments.


Terms and conditions of payment


In the previous video, we insisted on the importance of prioritizing optimal recovery of unpaid bills.

In this video, we'll explain why good terms and conditions of payment applied to the bills and invoices are essential.


Unpaid bill? What to do?


the 4 steps of an effective contentious flow


He has been dreaming about this for a very long time. 6 months ago, John took the risk and opened his own business. He proposes various services to companies and natural persons (development of logos, rebranding, community management, printing etc.). The first client appeared rapidly, as well as the first unpaid invoices …

As any entrepreneur, either new on the market or not, your work takes all of your time (7 days/7, sometimes even 24h/24). You usually leave aside the invoicing and the tracking of collections due to the fact that you do not like doing this and it consumes a lot of time. Don’t allow anybody to trick you! Once the contentious flow was settled, the tracking of your collections should be simple and effective.


5 pieces of advice to reduce the number of appointments missed


As it happens on every Monday, Ann, psychologist, meets her friend Joan, who is a dermatologist. This week, Joan is nervous. In the morning, two more patients missed the examination. Ann usually has the same problem. Many patients complain about the fact that the medical appointments are scheduled at long time intervals. The extension of the time slots does not solve this issue. More and more patients make appointments at several specialist physicians and attend the examination only with one of them. The appointments scheduled prior months before are forgotten.

Please find our 5 pieces of advice to reduce the number of appointments missed.