Out of court debt collection

Out of court debt collection in Belgium is clearly defined in the Law of 20 December 2002. With "out of court debt collection" we mean: all act or practice  which aims to encourage the debtor to pay an outstanding debt, except on the basis of an enforceable title.

Accordng to this law, the companies whishing to practice the out of court debt collection in Belgium have to be registered with the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The rules to respect to recover the payment of unpaid bills are also written in this law.

Indeed, according to art.3 § 1st of this law: concerning out of court debt collection is prohibited any comportement or practice that violates consumer's privacy or human dignity or is likely to mislead.

In other european countries other laws and rules are also defined.

INTERNATIONAL RECOVER COMPANY® always respects european laws concerning the out of court debt collection.





INTERNATIONAL RECOVER COMPANY® : your debt collection company

INTERNATIONAL RECOVER COMPANY® is IRC GROUP's out of court debt collection department, in accordance with the european laws on debt collection companies.

Since 1993, we offer companies and independents all usefull services that can offer a debt collection company.

From our head office in Belgium we handle annually more than 200,000 unpaid bills.

Our company occupies approximately a hundred men and women in our different local places in Europe.

Our services are exclusively for companies and independents. For then, we recover all kind of unpaid bills, all other the world, both to companies and individuals.

We can help you from the billing to a possible support during court proceedings.