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Of course.

The european laws approve the debt collection companies and define different rules which vary from country to country.  For instance, in Belgium, we have to be registred with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and in France with the High Court, so do INTERNATIONAL RECOVER COMPANY®.


INTERNATIONAL RECOVER COMPANY® respects the Law. It is very important for us.
The SMS that we send are totally free of charge for the debtors. It is a free service that we offer in order not to increase the costs for then.

1- Since 1993, INTERNATIONAL RECOVER COMPANY® has processed personal data as confidential information. We make every effort to avoid leakage of information.

2- We communicate personal data exclusively to our sub-contractors (debt collection agents, ...) or lawyers, and we only do so for the successful execution of the debt recovery mission entrusted to us.

3- We seek, organize and retain all the private information necessary for the successful execution of the mission entrusted to us.

4- The archiving time is strictly necessary for the fulfilment of our mission and for the observance of our regulated and legal obligations.

4a- If the debt in question is recovered, we systematically suppress personal data within 7 years from the full payment of the debt, in accordance with our legal obligation to store tax information for verification purposes.

4b- In case of a material impossibility to recover the debt in question (e.g. insolvency) or legal (e.g. final negative decision, decision proving the prescribed nature of the debt ...), we suppress personal data within 1 year from the finding of impossibility of recovery.

4c- If the assignment entrusted to us is terminated before the recovery of the debt in question, we suppress the personal data after 1 year.

5- Until now, INTERNATIONAL RECOVER COMPANY® has not experienced any loss of data.