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the 4 steps of an effective contentious flow


He has been dreaming about this for a very long time. 6 months ago, John took the risk and opened his own business. He proposes various services to companies and natural persons (development of logos, rebranding, community management, printing etc.). The first client appeared rapidly, as well as the first unpaid invoices …

As any entrepreneur, either new on the market or not, your work takes all of your time (7 days/7, sometimes even 24h/24). You usually leave aside the invoicing and the tracking of collections due to the fact that you do not like doing this and it consumes a lot of time. Don’t allow anybody to trick you! Once the contentious flow was settled, the tracking of your collections should be simple and effective.


5 pieces of advice to reduce the number of appointments missed


As it happens on every Monday, Ann, psychologist, meets her friend Joan, who is a dermatologist. This week, Joan is nervous. In the morning, two more patients missed the examination. Ann usually has the same problem. Many patients complain about the fact that the medical appointments are scheduled at long time intervals. The extension of the time slots does not solve this issue. More and more patients make appointments at several specialist physicians and attend the examination only with one of them. The appointments scheduled prior months before are forgotten.

Please find our 5 pieces of advice to reduce the number of appointments missed.