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According to a recent survey, european companies are losing close to € 360 billion in unpaid and for most of them it even causes serious liquid assets problems.
And for you?

Don't wait anymore.

The management of your future unpaid bills has to be taken into account even before the issuing of your bills.

We propose solutions:

  • easy
  • inexpensive
  • efficient
  • human

our services  

Prevention is better than cure That's why we propose:

  • our advices in the writing of your general conditions of payment
  • a management method appropriate for your profession
  • various tools usefull before the litigation

We use all the possibilities, authorised by the european laws according to the out of court debt collection.

  • By post: recorded letter or not, automated or personalised, adressed to the debtor or to "others" (insurance, mediation, notaries,..)
  • By phone thanks to our own local call centers (calls, SMS,...)
  • By home visits: several visits thanks to our network of specialised collection agents, regularely formed on the laws and to practice a friendly but firm dialogue with the debtors.