3 reasons to maintain cash


1- Cash is your freedom

In a cashless society, your money is only virtual. You are dependent on your bank. Nothing stops them from resorting to negative interest rates or charging you exorbitant fees. From the moment you are forced to deposit your money in the bank, you are no longer in control of the game. In the event of a bank crash, you are tied hand and foot. Worse, in the event of a dictatorship, nothing prevents a state from requisitioning your savings. With cash, you keep control. You can choose whether or not to deposit all or part of your assets in the bank, according to your own economic, social or even ethical criteria.

2- Cash, an excellent educational tool

As a child, when you counted the contents of your piggy bank, when you chose to spend the money you saved over several months to give yourself the long-awaited gift, you gradually learned the value of money, the notion of savings. It was simple and concrete. Without cash, it's difficult to count your money. A bank account is much more difficult to access, much less concrete and practical for a child. Even for a teenager who is learning to manage his pocket money or a student who is gradually managing his expenses (study fees, accommodation, food, outings, etc.) cash is simpler and more real.

3- Cash, support for the most deprived

With tens of thousands of euros in the bank, with a regular and substantial income, managing expenses, although necessary, does not necessarily involve cash. On the other hand, if your income is variable, if you cannot make ends meet, if you are continually in the red, cash can help you. Thanks to cash, you see your income in concrete terms. You can really distribute your income according to your needs (an envelope with the food budget, another with a provision for your bills, another for clothing, another for small gifts for the children, etc.). What is not spent remains for the following month in the correct envelope. On a day-to-day basis, you can concretely monitor your expenses. In addition, you save bank fees, you are not tempted by compulsive spending, etc. You take your financial future in hand.

We are regularly in contact with men and women in financially precarious situations, in over-indebtedness, etc. We guide them to the nearest help and mediation services. INTERNATIONAL RECOVER COMPANY®, as a field player, is convinced of the need to maintain cash in tomorrow's society.

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