5 tips to reduce no-shows


Whatever your specialization, you are regularly confronted with patients who, voluntarily or not, neglect their appointments. Here are 5 useful tips to avoid missed appointments:

1- Notify your patients when making an appointment

When making an appointment, remind your patients that the appointments made must be honored and that in the event of an impediment they must be canceled at the latest 48 hours in advance.

Write it down on your website and on your Facebook page and ask your secretary to insist on this point.

2- Make your patients aware of the consequences of absences from consultations

Place a clear and legible poster, in plain view in your waiting room, reminding your patients of the consequences of their absence from consultations. Warn them that for the smooth running of your practice and for the well-being of your patients, they risk possible fines if they do not show up for the scheduled appointments or do not cancel them early enough.

3- Remind your patients of their scheduled appointments

You can ask your secretariat to send an SMS to your patients 48 hours in advance reminding them of the scheduled appointment. No need to call them. Their time is precious like yours or that of your secretaries. Take advantage of this message to remind them of your contact and access details, and even your pricing conditions.

4- Invoice appointments not honored

Your patients have been warned on several occasions of the consequences of their breaches as well as of your rates. Your time is valuable. Time is money, they say. You are entitled to charge them for your loss of profit at the right price. Do not wait.

5- Claim payment of your bills

Make sure that your bills of fees are paid. Whether or not your patients show up for consultations, you deserve to be paid. INTERNATIONAL RECOVER COMPANY® advises you in the drafting of your posters or your general conditions and can help you in the recovery of your due. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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