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INTERNATIONAL RECOVER COMPANY® accompanies you throughout the invoicing process. Recognizing the impact of late payments and chargebacks on a company's cash flow, regardless of size, we offer ongoing support, from the pre-invoicing phase to full debt resolution.



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We are convinced that prevention is always better than cure. This is why we offer a range of preventive tools and services that will best protect you against late payments and disputes, including :

  • our advice for drafting your general conditions of payment
  • our self-adhesive labels that speed up the payment of your invoices
  • our personalized documents and packs
  • sending reminders for free via the MindYourBills app



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If, despite all the preventive measures put in place, you face outstanding payments, our team of experienced professionals can intervene to recover your invoices, among other things via:

  • the sending of postal and virtual mail, automated or personalized, addressed to the debtor or to "third parties" (lawyers, mediators, etc.)
  • attempts to contact our own multilingual call center: numerous calls, SMS, Chat…
  • home visits via our network of specialized agents who are regularly trained in legislation and friendly, firm and courteous dialogue.


Judicial follow-up

Attorney of lawyer discussing and consulting client about his offence, explaining cases, giving advise for going to courtroom with judge gavel and scale of justice on the table.

In the event of non-resolution of your unpaid debts amicably via our litigation department, we will suggest that you pursue recovery through legal action. We have a complete judicial follow-up, until possible seizure, in collaboration with our network of specialized lawyers and bailiffs.

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