Are you a debtor , do you owe money?

Have you received a letter, a notification email, a call, an SMS from us or the passage of one of our agents? This means that you have a debt with one of our clients and that he has mandated us to collect his debt.

Secure space

Access your secure area

In this space, you will be able to view the amounts due, possibly download the invoices and access the documents that we send to your attention. You can also request a settlement plan and make payments directly online. You will also be able to check your data and ask us for any updates.


We understand that you may have financial worries. Doing the ostrich will not help you. On the contrary ! Our employees are at your disposal to find with you a suitable solution that allows the repayment of your debt.

Contact our litigation department as soon as possible!

Do you have any other questions ?

When you receive a document from INTERNATIONAL RECOVER COMPANY ® attesting to a late payment, make the payment as soon as possible. A service has been rendered to you, a product has been sold to you… it is legitimate for the company to seek to recover its due. If you don't pay your bills right away, you risk spiraling into a spiral of debt and not being able to get out of it.

In the event of financial difficulties, contact our litigation department directly to find common ground and arrive at an ideal solution for all parties.

A late payment can poison your life… Let us help you find a solution!

Of course.

INTERNATIONAL RECOVER COMPANY® respects the law to the letter. We make it a point of honor. The SMS we send are totally free for you. This is a service that we offer to you so as not to increase your costs.

Yes. The costs claimed are always in line with, or even lower than, our customers' general terms of payment.

Your late payment has generated costs, a financial loss for our client. You must therefore pay the fees as well.

For obvious reasons of confidentiality and protection of the privacy of debtors, we NEVER send follow-up emails to debtors. However, you may receive an automatic notification email informing you that a response to your request is available on our secure web platform. You can then go to your secure area to view your file.

You did not react to our formal notice or to any other attempts to contact our departments. Our collection agents travel to debtors in order to obtain arrangements for the payment of unpaid bills from our clients.

This is an opportunity for you to take a clearance plan adapted to your income that you can respect, in order to avoid possible legal costs.

  1. Since 1993, INTERNATIONAL RECOVER COMPANY® has always treated personal data as confidential information. We undertake to make every effort to avoid any leak of information.
  2. We communicate personal data exclusively to our subcontractors (collection agents, etc.), or to a lawyer, and this for the sole purpose of the proper execution of the collection mission of
    receivables entrusted to us.
  3. We search, index and keep all the private life information necessary for the proper execution of the mission entrusted to us.
  4. The retention period is strictly necessary for the performance of our mission and compliance with our regulatory and legal obligations.

    4a. In the event that the claim concerned is recovered, we systematically delete the personal data 7 years after complete payment of the file, in accordance with our legal obligation to retain tax information for control purposes.

    4b. In the event of a material (eg insolvency) or legal (eg final unfavorable judgment, judgment certifying the prescribed nature of the debt, etc.) impossibility of recovering the debt concerned, we delete the personal data 1 year after the observation of the impossibility of recovery.

    4c. In the event that the mission entrusted to us is terminated before the collection of the debt concerned, we delete the personal data after 1 year.

  5. To date, INTERNATIONAL RECOVER COMPANY® does not deplore any loss of data.
It is very important to provide us with the full contact details of your debt mediator as soon as possible. Do not be too long ! The longer you wait, the more the charges are likely to increase. Upon receipt of the contact details, we will contact the service concerned directly.
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