the 4 steps of an effective litigation flow


Here are the 4 steps of an effective litigation flow

1- an invoice drawn up correctly and sent on time

From the start of your work, think about invoicing because invoicing means revenue. In many sectors of activity, you can edit one or more advance payment invoices. They allow you to cover your costs as quickly as possible. Don't deprive yourself of it!

Your invoices must be correctly drawn up, include your legal contact details, include an invoice number and an invoice date. It is also important for you to include your payment details as well as a payment due date. Finally, as no one knows what the future holds, remember to include your general payment conditions (ideally already included in your quotes).

2- a reminder sent when the invoice is due

Invoicing is good. Tracking your bill payments is better. You have noted a due date on your invoices, respect it too. Your invoice is not paid on the due date, send a single reminder by post. Reminder emails are generally directly transferred to spam or even the trash. However, there is no need to incur the expense of registered mail or waste your precious time calling your customer.

Your reminder should be courteous but direct. This could be an oversight or an addressing error. Include your billing information and payment details on your reminder. You can possibly add your mailing costs but above all remind your general payment conditions and warn your customer of the consequences in the event of non-payment.

3- amicable recovery

Your reminder did not bear fruit? Don't delay any longer and transfer the unpaid invoice directly to a third party specializing in debt collection. You free yourself from this weight and maintain the commercial relationship with your customers. Opt for a debt collection company for example. The profession is regulated. After sending the legal notice, the collection companies will take all amicable steps to recover your debt: sending letters, SMS, telephone calls or even traveling to your client to find the debt. best arrangement for both parties.

4- the legal procedure

If it is impossible to find an amicable solution with your client, the collection company will advise you in possible legal proceedings. A lawyer, via a bailiff, will summon your client to appear in order to have him sentenced, a conviction which will maintain a 10-year right to enforce this decision. Execution will be done via bailiff only who will seize and sell your client's goods up to the amount due and all costs incurred.

INTERNATIONAL RECOVER COMPANY® supports you throughout this litigation process, in the drafting of your general payment conditions, your invoices and reminders, in the amicable follow-up of your unpaid invoices as well as in the legal follow-up. Make your life easier. Contact us and boost your income!

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